World: Arcane Ender Maze

Mysterious and also very unusual world made of a huge maze. Dark place full of unpredictable endermans and full of rare rocks. Many warriors have died by falling in to the bottomless void. And yet the place is attractive to some, those are the treasure hunters. With the right set of parkour skills this can be quite a challenge.

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World: Metropolis of running death

A new gate has oppened into the future. The world beyond looks like a giant city striked by a great chaos. A deadly infection has turned all the living to dead and the streets are full of running zombies now.

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Location: Marketplace

The center of Prime City may be full of server-controlled shops, but players have their place as well. In the first place it is a great tent market beyond the city gate. And the richer ones can rent real shops in the new shopping district.

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Quest: Zombocalypse

No catastrophe will avoid Prime City this year, it seems. Spiders, blazers, even dragons… Now it's time for zombies. And because that's not bad enough, sometimes a thing worse than regular zombies appears - Undead giant, able to shoot fireballs and to kill with his bare foot. Noone know that to do with him, but the reward is high. Do you dare?

Dungeon: Slime Farm

There are rumors about a hidden Slime farm in the Inferno. Prime City has got its own problems now and there is lack of explorers. It means it's on the voluntary heroes. Are you the chosen traveler, who will manage to find the place?
Or is it just a myth…?

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Location: Pigman village

A inconspicuous village is hidden in Inferno, behind the Blaze bridges. Pigmans live in it and, contrary to popular believe, they are quite peaceful creatures. They also are quite good merchants - not only that you can buy nether material 33% cheaper, but you can also sell spider eyes for 2 crowns each. Pigmans value this ingredience.

Quest: Creeper Anomaly

A mysterious object fell from the sky in the desert not far from Prime City. It causes unpleasant anomalies - dozens of creepers are walking around and electrical discharges are frequent in the night. Creepers have atacked and destroyed the walls of Prime City and Sir Jameson decided to put reward for their cleanup.

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Quest: Arachnophobia

There was a danger hiding in Prime City's forrest, which now came out. Hundreds of spiders terrorize the Hotel's inhabitants and the shopkeepers. Back the home-defence up, because Prime City's people won't hold on for much longer, and help to push the spiders back. People say that Sir Jameson offers 2000 Crowns for 50 spiders ;) Read more..

Dungeon: Blaze bridges

The Blazers occupied a part of the Inferno and they transformed it to their liking. Heroes were annoying them often in the tower, so they created an underground bridge complex which offers them excelent attack point against uninvited visitors. However, they hide the valuables of their victims, which is a great temptation for even more volunteers to look into Death's eyes. Read more..

Dungeon: Bone swamp

Deep down in the Inferno, where the remains of ancient and huge creatures are decaying.. But not everyone knows, that these remains are creating a fertiliser for the rare Nether Wart. It is essential for the alchemists, but many adventurers payed with lives for the "red gold". Evil ghosts living in skeletons are haunting and protecting the place.. Read more..

How to enter the world of GateCraft

We assume that you have already installed the game so the only thing you have to do is to connect trough the multiplayer server manager to the following adress :


In order to connect to this server you have to be connected to the official minecraft server, thus owning the original copy of minecraft.


Entering Rogue Lands...

Rogue lands - that is the name of the land which every new player entrs. Your character is born here as a Newcomer, which is group with least privileges. Basicaly, only the thing you can do is walking :)

Your first task is to find out how to became a Rogue, which is written in rules, so read it thoroughly.

As soon as you became a Rogue you can start playing. As a Rogue you still have relatively limited options and your mission will be to get out of the Rogues Village and became a resident in Kingdom e.g. permanent citizen in world of GateCraft. The only way from Rogues Village to Kingdom is by travelling through gate portal. It may sounds easy but it's not... because it's not free.

First steps in Rogues Village

So how are you gonna start ? First place you'll see is place of the first spawn - dormitory at the Town Hall of little village in Rogue Lands. Village is called Rogues Village and you can't build or mine anything here. There are few characters living in this village: mayor Jones, merchant Eric, Anwill Smitty and town guard Toby.

Mayor is the first NPC character which will welcome you in this world. If you are still a newcomer, he will tell you nothing else but to use comman /rules. But if you are a rogue he has a first task for you which can make your beggining easier. Quest is optional but you can earn some money from the merchant in order to buy your first equipment.

How the quests work you can find out in the wiki -> NPC description.

How the shops wokr you find out in the wiki -> Shops.
For now just read "how to buy/sell".

Then you are free to look for some place outside the Rogue Village to build first shelter and start diggin big time !
But we recommend building only something humble since Rogue Lands is only starting point and you will never be able to return there. As it was mentioned before, you need to earn some money in order to travel trough the gate from Rogue Village to Kingdom. And the way how you can do that is with the help of merchant who is buying 4 different kinds of materials. You can sell to him iron, gold, lapis lazuli and diamons, all in form of blocks. So the goal is clear.
Dig up necessary amount of resources, exchange them for crowns ( currency of Rogue Lands ) and travel trough the gate to the capital of Rogue Lands - The Kingdom.

Attention!  Once you pass through the gate, there is no coming back. All you can take is your inventory.


Welcome to the Kingdom

Right now you are on the Four Gate square. From now on this place is your new /spawn and believe that you will use it a lot ;) The square is a important meeting point, where you will come across a lot of other players, because the already mentioned gates have only one purpose and that is traveling across the worlds. They are accesable anytime and they are for free for anyone. Prime City can also offer shops, market, hotel, technical muzeum, casino and other interesting places. Sometimes one-time events take place here as well.

Hotel: Probably the first thing you will be interested in. You should find it quite easily by signs or by looking at the dynamic map. There it is quite obvious where the hotel is and also where other imporant places are. In the hotel find yourself a empty room with no signed sing at front and empty chests and fell free to stay for how long you wish. Use the room as needed. Dont forget to put a sing with yout nickname right next to the door (from the outside) so others know that this is your room. When you will move away dont forget to empty your chests and erase the sign.

Shops: Another thing you might be interested in are shops. The Material store is opposite to the hotel and slightly to the left. Here you can sell all that redstone dust and coal you could not in Rogue Lands. Other materials can be bought and sell here as well. It may be a good idea to go through all the shops at once and also check the market where others are selling their goods. Also it may be convenient to read  the page about trading.

Těžba surovin: So now you are in the Kingdom. The kingdom is wolrd only for cities. Founding cities, building cities, living in cities, leaving the cities etc. Mining materials is forbidden. Reason for that is that the nature is supposed to look like nature and that the underground is not full of shafts. Of course that you can teraform the world around your city a bit, that is allowed. Wood cutting is allowed as long as you plant a new trees and do that far from cities.

Where to go if I want to mine? That world is called Mining Colony, gate which leads there is on the spawn. In the mining collony you can mine what ever you want and can. If you wanna go undegroud just use the mineshafts and elevators. The can be seen na on dynamic map. Donť forget to try even the more distanant ones. To those you can get yourself by using the Dragon Transport System. You can also mine sand and clay. Sand is provided by the Sand Tower and the Sand mashine. Clay can be gathered from the Dam. The Dam is regenerating itself once per day. Everything is reachable on foot or you can pay for the Dragon Transport. Though you are not allowed to cut down the trees there is another world for that. The gate to that world is right on your left when you entered the Mining Colony. There the trees are cutted down just be cutting the base log block. Which makes everything quite easy. And donť worry about plating new trees, saplings will plant themselfs automatically. 

Food:  The Kingdom is supplying its citizens with unlimited amout of food. The Royal Farm in Prime City allows you to kill any animal it has to offer.

City: As a resident of Kingdom you can of course build   Jako obyvatel města Prime City jsi ochuzen o možnost stavět, což je jedena ze samozřejmých aktivit i v tomto survivalovém světě. Stojíš tedy před posledním velkým krokem této hry: musíš se stát členem nějakého města. Existují 2 způsoby, buď se připojit k některému z existujících měst, nebo si založit vlastní. Na stránce o městech si přečti veškeré potřebné informace, bez kterých se neobejdeš.

Informace: Sice zde už byly vypichnuty některé stránky s důležitými informacemi, ale to neznamená, že jsou ostatní stránky méně významné. Tento server nabízí mnoho netradičních možností, o kterých se je možné dozvědět jen z těchto stránek, takže to nejlepší, co teď můžeš udělat je pročíst si i zbytek. Stějně tak je dobré sledovat aktuální eventy, nebo vyzkoušet projít nějakej dungeon.

Teď už nezbývá než popřát GL & HF ;)