World: Arcane Ender Maze

Mysterious and also very unusual world made of a huge maze. Dark place full of unpredictable endermans and full of rare rocks. Many warriors have died by falling in to the bottomless void. And yet the place is attractive to some, those are the treasure hunters. With the right set of parkour skills this can be quite a challenge.

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World: Metropolis of running death

A new gate has oppened into the future. The world beyond looks like a giant city striked by a great chaos. A deadly infection has turned all the living to dead and the streets are full of running zombies now.

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Location: Marketplace

The center of Prime City may be full of server-controlled shops, but players have their place as well. In the first place it is a great tent market beyond the city gate. And the richer ones can rent real shops in the new shopping district.

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Quest: Zombocalypse

No catastrophe will avoid Prime City this year, it seems. Spiders, blazers, even dragons… Now it's time for zombies. And because that's not bad enough, sometimes a thing worse than regular zombies appears - Undead giant, able to shoot fireballs and to kill with his bare foot. Noone know that to do with him, but the reward is high. Do you dare?

Dungeon: Slime Farm

There are rumors about a hidden Slime farm in the Inferno. Prime City has got its own problems now and there is lack of explorers. It means it's on the voluntary heroes. Are you the chosen traveler, who will manage to find the place?
Or is it just a myth…?

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Location: Pigman village

A inconspicuous village is hidden in Inferno, behind the Blaze bridges. Pigmans live in it and, contrary to popular believe, they are quite peaceful creatures. They also are quite good merchants - not only that you can buy nether material 33% cheaper, but you can also sell spider eyes for 2 crowns each. Pigmans value this ingredience.

Quest: Creeper Anomaly

A mysterious object fell from the sky in the desert not far from Prime City. It causes unpleasant anomalies - dozens of creepers are walking around and electrical discharges are frequent in the night. Creepers have atacked and destroyed the walls of Prime City and Sir Jameson decided to put reward for their cleanup.

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Quest: Arachnophobia

There was a danger hiding in Prime City's forrest, which now came out. Hundreds of spiders terrorize the Hotel's inhabitants and the shopkeepers. Back the home-defence up, because Prime City's people won't hold on for much longer, and help to push the spiders back. People say that Sir Jameson offers 2000 Crowns for 50 spiders ;) Read more..

Dungeon: Blaze bridges

The Blazers occupied a part of the Inferno and they transformed it to their liking. Heroes were annoying them often in the tower, so they created an underground bridge complex which offers them excelent attack point against uninvited visitors. However, they hide the valuables of their victims, which is a great temptation for even more volunteers to look into Death's eyes. Read more..

Dungeon: Bone swamp

Deep down in the Inferno, where the remains of ancient and huge creatures are decaying.. But not everyone knows, that these remains are creating a fertiliser for the rare Nether Wart. It is essential for the alchemists, but many adventurers payed with lives for the "red gold". Evil ghosts living in skeletons are haunting and protecting the place.. Read more..


Tool to establish an order. Something that won't be an issue for a well-behaved player but what will on the contrary serve as his protection against other players in case of some flare-up.


If you lack of basic elements of good manners be sure you won't be around for long.
This rule applies to everybody.

  • some curse words here and there won't be an issue but verbal attacks and insulting other players in general won't be tolerated
  • you have to respect other players... and that applies double for admins and moderators
  • if you need to solve some issue, kindly ask one of the admins and be patient till he/she will have a time for your request... admin is also a player so keep in mind that even he has the power to help others doesn't make him your slave...

Zero Tolerance

Griefers aren't welcome.
There is a border you have to respect... and if you cross it you will receive one-way ticket to Ban-Realm.
These are the points of the border :

  • stealing any property of other player - does not apply only on the treasure chests but also plants, crops etc... the only exception makes signs that says otherwise or generally things labeled as public
  • destroying any property of other player - killing other players' animals counts as well
  • intentional killing of another player outside of designated areas or without previous agreement ( some events can extend or modify this rule )
  • cheating and/or exploiting of glitches and bugs
  • especially x-ray and similar hacks = permanent ban (meet with ban list)

IMPORTANT: you aren't allowed to take other players' stuff from their stashes even if the player is not actively playing any more or even abandoned stashes of other players in Rogue Lands... in this case - BAN is unexceptional.
Specially Rogue Lands serves as venture for every player on his own. If you are not sure if you can take something from some chest - you will do best if you won't take anything at all.


If you are less the 18yo take into consideration the fact that you are playing on server for adults. We have no problem with younger players and we tolerate them as long as they have enough sense and do not act like pubertal assholes. In other words, act as pubertal idiot and you will not be playing here anymore.

  • Check your grammar. Missclicks are tolarated but if you dont know your own mother language then go learn it in stead of playing games
  • Go PLS-ing somewhere else. Especially while being in Rogue Lands. Everyone is supposed to go throught it on his own, begging is not tolerated.
  • Do you have a problem with expressing yourself? Do you have the need to write omgs, tons of emoticons in every sentence or anything similarly that stupid? It may be cool on servers for kids but not here. We do not want that.


  • Cut the whole trees. One of the great things in Minecraft are beautiful biomes. But levitating trees really aren't. Breaking this rule can lead to some time in the joint ;)
  • Cutting trees in Kingdom is allowed only for estethical purposes. Cut trees in the mining colony.
  • Looting deserts in order to obtain sand is prohibited! In case you need sand you can take use of Sand Towers located in Mining Colony where you can obtain unlimited amount of sand - for free.
  • Don't vandalize environment by ruthless mining on surface. And in case of non-intentional or inevitable terraformation don't forget to recondition the affected place.


When you are building new towns try to mantain one style. It's not a rule per se but it would be definitely nicer if the towns will have their themes. From castles and temples, to rennaissance, modern or even futuristic constructions. Diversity is fine. Just choose your style and maintain it :)

  • Try to avoid solely cobblestone buildings. Minecraft offers many different materials which can help you make wonders. Just let work your imagination or get inspired by others.
  • Don't try to make biggest or tallest constructions at all cost. It's not prohibited. But It's not a contest ya'know.

Game accounts

Protect your account at all costs. Use strong passwords and try to avoid playing on public computers. If you will play at your friends' and he will got banned afterwards it may affect you as well.

  • One player can have only one account. Multi-profiling will lead to ban on all accounts.
  • Every player is responsible for his account. If someone use your account and break some of the rules - your account will be banned no matter what. We don't care if it was your sibling, your girlfriend or crazy grandma who set that forest on fire. We won't tolerate it and won't even believe it. Deal with it.


  • If you'll see somebody breaking any of the rules above - report it immediately. We get it if you don't want to feel like snitch, but it's better for the sake of the server to eliminate griefers as soon as possible.
  • If you've carefully read the rules and you want to start playing you can log onto the server and insert command "/rulesConfirmed" into the text console which will promote you from newcomer to rogue. But we still recommend to read all the others informational pages of this website. Also keep in mind - it's forbidden to spread further this rogue command and you can be banned for doing so. Every player should find this information by himself.
  • Admin is always right. Don't argue with admins, don't insult admins, don't provoke them and don't even lie to them. If you break some of the rules, even the little one you can get banned if you will act like a jackass instead of some minor punishment.


rogue accepted