Glowing Friend

A great thing to keep you a company on long trips through caves. It will light your way everywhere you go!

Glowing Friend

So-called "Glowing Friend" is an invetion from the workshop of a golem called TechMage. Basically it is a glowstone with a bit more intelligence then you might expect from a glowing block. Mostly it is ment to serve miners when they are down in the mines, digging their treasures, but anyome can make it. One just needs to have a few supplies on them and enough magical power to keep the cube together.



Everyone interested in getting started with this spell must first visit the upper-mentioned TechMage in Prime City. You can find him in front of the Technical Museum.


Spell power

The magical power here is basically a time for which the glowing cube can hold together. It will simply disapper when this time passes, leaving you in the dark so it's a good idea to keep the power at reasonable level as it depleetes with every minute the cube is glowing.

There are two means of charging your glowing friend's energy

  • re-buing the spell from NPC – 60 minutes for the same price every time
  • using your mana – right-clicking in the GUI – exchange rate is 1 mana for 15 minutes of light



The cube can be created by right-clicking the spell icon (in the virtual inventory GateInferface). The spell will consume a minute-worth of it's energy right away on usage and the power will continue to deplete with each minute that passes. You can break the glowing cube to stop it from consuming any additional power.


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