Mana Miner

The skill to mine the finest mana diamonds.

Mana Miner

It is not particularly easy to get mana diamonds. To find the finest mana diamonds, one needs not only experiences but also the skill to stroke the pickaxe perfectly to prevent damaging the diamond.

The mana diamonds are divided into five tiers. Each tier counts as 2 units of magical energy (mana):

Power: I II III IV V
Mana: 2 mana 4 mana 6 mana 8 mana 10 mana



This skill can only be trained by mining diamonds in Mining Colony.

It progresses with each mined mana diamond.

  • level 1: 10 mana diamonds
  • level 2: 20 mana diamonds
  • level 3: 30 mana diamonds



Each tier of the skill brings greater chance for higher tier mana diamonds.

  • basic level:
    75% chance on Power I
    25% chance on Power II
  • 1st level:
    25% chance on Power I
    50% chance on Power II
    25% chance on Power III
  • 2nd level:
    25% chance on Power II
    50% chance on Power III
    25% chance on Power IV
  • 3rd level:
    25% chance on Power III
    50% chance on Power IV
    25% chance on Power V



When mining a diamond ore, there is 4% chance on getting a mana diamond with both diamond and golden pick.

This chance can be increased for the golden pick by training the Golden Touch skill.