Chaos Towers

The gate in Chaosphere is in a deserted location crowded with monsters coming from hell. Most of them are neutral Pigmans - however, they become pretty hostile once someone aproaches their treasure. The reward is seductive, though.

Chaos Towers


The entrace to Chaosphere is surrounded by a scenery reminding of combination of maze and city walls. Despite g amount of pigmans haunting this place, the biggest problem(s) are Ghasts. They bom the whole place from great heights. However, the drop is awesome for alchemists - Ghast tears may be even more expensive and needed than slime balls.

Location: Chaosphere

Scenery: Walls and maze

Enemy: Ghast

Attention: Chaosphere is a zone for Player killing. The player who murdered you won't be banned or anything.

Chaos Towers



There are three towers right next to the main gate (fouth one is destroyed). The quite rare nether wart is hidden in chests on the top of those towers. You can get there by using feathers or ender pearls. But be aware that each chest is guarded by several Blazers.

Enemy: Blazer (3. level)

Reward: Nether Wart

Chaos Towers



A few smaller pigman treasures are located in the maze itself. These chests contain Bottle of Enchanting - xp points. Rarely a ghast tear can be found here as well. The treasure is always guarded by a pack of high level pigmans, which will spawn when someone will get in a close range of the chest. These pigman guards will automatically pursue you and try to kill you. If you will attack the pigman guards the other pigman will go after you as well as they are still pigmans.

Enemy: Pigman Zombie (4. level) 


  • Bottle of Enchanting (every 2 min the amount of bottles will increace by 1-4 bottles)
  • Ghast Tear (3% chance)

Chaos Towers


Chaos Towers Chaos Towers Chaos Towers