Bone Swamp

Remains of ancient creatures are decomposing deep in the nether... only few adventurers knows that these remains serve as very powerful fertiliser for rare plant called Nether Wart which is priceless resource for all alchemists. This ecstasy of red gold made a lot of adventurers paid with their lifes because this area is habitated with evils from the bones.

Bone Swamp


First official Inferno dungeon and very easy to find. It characteristics are the huge bones sticking out of the nether or even full scaffoldings of the ancient creatures.
Inside dungeon are besides the bones also a large swamps which makes adventurers difficult to move. To make this even more pleasant - there is a shitload of skeletons who likes to accompany the whole adventure.

But the reward is priceless because Nether Wart is currently very rare and essential resource for various potions and only way to obtain it is in this dungeon.


  • location: Inferno
  • scene: Bones and swamps
  • enemies: Skeletons
  • reward: Nether Wart

Bone Swamp Bone Swamp Bone Swamp Bone Swamp Bone Swamp