Dragons strike back!

A second hunt will happen on January the 29th!

Dragons strike back!

Prepare your bows and arrows, a hard fight against the others is waiting on us... The sky will turn black and an unending night will fall when the dragon arrives. The sun will rise once again after we kill the beast. The world will also be flooded with Endermans... 

Beware, it won't be so easy this time. We still have to destroy the Ender crystals, which are healing the dragon. However, the intruders from The End are planning to defend their critical points much more than the last time. 


  • Try to ignore the Endermans (unless they are attacking you)
  • Destroy the 8 orbs on the obelisks - use the"Feather of Fly" spell.
  • Kill the dragon(s)! 


  • Visit the Bone Swamp dungeon in order to collect some arrows. But stay aware, there is a lot of Skeletons that won't hesitate to shoot their arrows ;)
  • It is wise to stand under the dragon when he's getting finished. He drops a load of experience orbs. But be careful, don't stand directly under him, because an Ender Portal will open.


  • Dragon egg
  • A lot of experience orbs


There is a theory, which tells us, that we can tame the dragons after we defeat them. It is possible to ride the dragon and travel quickly on great distances. It's just a theory, we'll see about it if we really defeat the dragon...