Blaze menace (closed)

The Blazers managed to escape from the inferno to the Hell Tower again, where they began to perform their dark rituals in the night.

Blaze menace (closed)

It wasn't that hard to banish the Blazers back to the inferno. It was enough to wait for the rain - Blazers' weak spot to come, and then it was a walk in the park to finish them. Now they are out once again, and what's more - the rain doesn't hurt them anymore because of the rituals they perform after twilight.

This means drought. It annoys the farmers far and near and so Sir Jameson gives rewards again. He offers 5000 Crowns for 25 killed Blazers now.


  • Go to the blue tower, which is closer to the spawn and speak to Sir Jameson. 
  • Sir Jameson will give you the Quest to kill 25 Blazers.
  • After killing enough blazers, return to Sir Jameson. He will pay you 5000 Crowns.
  • You can repeat the Quest as many times as you wish. It is also possible to fullfill the task in the Blaze Bridges dungeon in the Inferno.


  • 5000 Crowns


  • A new seller settled down in the luxurious quarter in Prime City. He sells the potion of fire resistance.


  • With the coming of this event, the reward for Arachnophoby were lowered - from 2500 to 2000 Crowns.