Undead Ambush

Undead's aggression grows up and everything indicates a soon conflict. The only thing we can say for now is when it will happen... "Where", that's a question we can't answer yet.

Undead Ambush

We expect the peak of aggression around sunday, the 3rd of June .. in 3:00pm  (GMT - 5:00 / USA Central Time). Our scientists are very good, indeed. However, the undead force is spread all around the Kingdom and we don't know the victim yet. Probably it won't be a city, villages seem to be the weakes therefore the most probable target.

We can await very strong offensive with giant captains in the front. Our priority is saving the villagers from the zombies at all costs and killing the giant zombies in the forefront.


  • Breaking the zombie offensive and defending the villagers is the key. Attention - the enemy will be quite strong.
  • A few Giants shooting fireballs may show up during the event. 


  • XP hunt: Higher levels zombies are harder kill, on the other side, the loot is much better.
  • XP bonus: Many XP orbs will be dropped from each Giant.
  • Final: If any villagers survive, players who participated will become 2-3 villager eggs.


  • We don't know which village will be under attack, but most likely it will be somewhere close to a city. 
    The perfect way to travel will be /town spawn [city-name]