Metropolis of running death

A new gate has oppened into the future. The world beyond looks like a giant city striked by a great chaos. A deadly infection has turned all the living to dead and the streets are full of running zombies now.

Metropolis of running death

Metropolis is a very dangerous location, it is basically a whole world. The fact that it is flooded with zombies is not such a big issue as the fact that the zombies run so fast that there is no outrunning them. So the only possibility how to survive is to defend yourself. What makes it even harder is the zombies ability to smell your fear from a distance, and if you are not paying enough attention a whole horde can run at you from behind a corner. And still there is a reason why come to this place..


Locations and rewards 

City parts (XP hunt)

There is a plenty of zombies, tons on each step. A lot of houses and rounds is places on the surface, which provides quite open space for fighting the hordes. XP hunting is at hand as same as very decent profit from the bonus money. (bonus money will be discribed later in the text)

While being on squares you can came acroos a Giant zombie which fires firebballs. In the streets you can fight normal zombies and Smokers who has the ability to stun you for a short while. Careless Players may awake the Hord, which will persue them even from a greater distance.

Sewers (treasure hunt)

Kinda claustrophobic place. There is less zombies then on the surface but they are not alone, spiders and silverfish can be found here as well. The bright side is the chests, often full of garbage but from time to time you can be lucky and find a rare item.

Entrances in to the sewers can be found on squares.

Mountain Mineshafts (treasure hunt)

Quite similar to the sewers. Mining shafts ale located mainly in the mountains but the deepest ones reach even beneath the cities. Mineshafts are have certain floors. The deeper you are the better treasure you can find but also the stronger the monters are. You can meet smoker, or attract the Horde, here as well.

While being in mineshaft you are allowed to mine ores, it is the only thing you can mine in here. So picaxe is recommended.

Entrances to the mineshafts are in the Mountains and not exactly easy to find.


The Main bonus quest

In the Metropolis world there is so called "bonus money account". On this account you will recieve money for each zombie you will kill, the higher the zombie level is the higher the reward is. (the table of rewards for each zombie is lower in the text)

In case a zombie is attacked by more than one player, money won't go to the player who lands the last blow, they will actually split evenly by the damage each players has dealt. For example, if a player killed a giant almost alone and another player comes and last hits it, most of the money go to the player who dealt more damage.

Money from the bonus account are to be transfered only in the mountains on the radio transmiters. You have to climb the ladder and stand on top of the transmitter in order to get the bonus money.


  • /bonus - show the amount of money on your bonus account
  • /transmit - use on the radio transmitter for getting your money out of the bonus account


All the money will be deleted if you die or teleport!

Bonus will be reseted even for teleporting inside the world, say, between players etc.

Metropolis of running death


Hardcore difficulty

As already noted, you may encounter special zombie types, like smokers, for example. A complete list is shown below. In the case of Giants, Smokers or Hordes a short message alerting the player will be shown in the text console. When a player comes close to one of these mobs, it will start haunting him and the people around him will receive a warning message as well. Players have just a few seconds to react after they come really close since they are extemely quick.

Another thing that makes it even harder are torches - they despawn after 12 to 20 seconds. You can see some underground during the day, but in the night you don't see absolutely anything.


Enemy types

There are a few zombie types, which differ from each other in skills and parameteres, which are not common in any other mobs.

Strong zombie

  • level: 3
  • speed: 32
  • experience: 15
  • bonus: 20 crowns
  • occurrence: almost every zombie

Infected zombie

  • level: 2
  • speed: 40
  • experience: 30
  • bonus: 50 crowns
  • special: poison effect, 5 seconds
  • occurrence: every 5th regular zombie

Smoker zombie

  • level: 1
  • speed: 48
  • experience: 60
  • bonus: 250 crowns
  • special: surrounded by smoke causing slowness for 30 seconds.
  • occurrence: every 10 minutes

Horde of zombies (runners)

  • level: 1
  • speed: 48
  • experience: 10
  • bonus: 40 crowns
  • special: 5 quick zombies run toward the player (+1 for every player)
  • occurrence: once every 15 minutes

Giant zombie

  • level: 20
  • speed: ?
  • experience: 200
  • bonus: 1000 crowns
  • special: fireballs
  • occurrence: once every 20 minutes 

Metropolis of running death


Tips and tricks

  • The location is really dangerous and it's wise to go in with someone to cover your back. Whenever you die  your buddy will pick your gear up and teleport you back into the action, if you desire. 
  • Metropolis is one of the few places where Knockback swords have some positive effect - you really need to keep them zombies away when a bigger horde runs on you ;)

Metropolis of running death Metropolis of running death Metropolis of running death Metropolis of running death Metropolis of running death Metropolis of running death