Floating island covered in funguar mycelia. Arena complex is made for 2 teams with at least 5 players on every side.


More complex arena with battleground placed between two fortresses. From terrace of every fortress can be shot fire arrows from built dispenser. On the battleground are placed three monuments which can be seized by placing a wool block with the team color. When the monument is seized it automatically heals all nearby team players.


Name MushRage
Game Type
Team deathmatch
Teams 2 - red / blue
Maximum of players 
12 players per team
Minimum of players
3 players per team
Number of tickets
Rounds to win
Scene fortress, mushrooms
Environment undestroyable
Special monuments
fire arrows dispenser


Available Classes

knight (default) diamond sword
iron chestplate, iron boots, leather pants

defender iron sword (enchant: knockback II)
diamond armor
archer bow + 64 arrows
leather armor

MushRage MushRage MushRage MushRage MushRage