Yum-yum Fish

Legendary Yum-yum fish are almost extincted. Because of their taste, professional Fisherman Jack was hired to deliver huge amount of these delicious fish. Help him and catch some fish to complete his task!

Yum-yum Fish

Because Jack can’t catch enought fish to complete his task, he asks for help. Every player, who is wiling to do some hard work with fishing rod, is offered with Yum-yum fish quest. In Kingdom, Yum-yums are almost extincted and only Jack is skilled enough to catch the last few exemplars. That’s why are players send to Warm lakes in Chaosphere, where are last runs of Yum-yum fish. Reward from this quest is made of 30 000 crounds and 200 experience.

Walkthrough: Find Fisherman Jack in docks in Prime city. He’s catching last Yum-yums.

He will give you the Yum-yum quest to catch 15 Yum-yum fish in Warm lakes in Chaosphere.

After catching desired amount, return to Jack and he’ll give you 30 000 crounds and 200 experience.

Quest is repeatable one in an hour.

Reward: 30 000 crounds and 200 experience

Yum-yum Fish