Creeper Anomaly

A mysterious artifact has fallen from the sky into the Desert close to Prime City. It eradiates some kind of aura, which creates lightnings in the night and spawns more creepers than usual...

Creeper Anomaly

Creepers have slowly got to the City walls and they managed to destroy a piece of them. Sir Jameson doesn't know what to do with them and has set a reward. It's hard - there are dozens of them there and what more, lightnings are so common there.

You sure understand how Prime City inhabitants must be feeling. First the Cemetery, zombies, now this... Don't hesitate and go help Sir Jameson and the other brave soldiers.


  • Go visit Sir Jameson in the blue tower
  • Sir Jameson will give you the quest to kill 100 Creepers, but the first par of the Quest is to go to the desert, where the artifact is
  • After killing the creeper return to Sir Jameson, who will pay you 10000 Crowns. 
  • You can repeat the quest as many times as you like. 


  • 8000 Crowns


  • Creeper are 2nd level 
  • Charged creepers are being spawned in the night (bigger damage when exploding)
  • Danger from being strucked by a lightning in the night
  • The more heroes around, the more creepers spawned

Creeper Anomaly Creeper Anomaly Creeper Anomaly Creeper Anomaly Creeper Anomaly