In-game communication


Chat communication on this server is for practical reasons divided in few categories. Chat console in Minecraft is very limited and with many people online it's sometimes hard to track the conversation. Also this server is multilingual so it almost screams for categorized chat.

This is list of public channels :

shortcut full name
description language
[cze] Czech for czech community
[eng] English for english speaking community
[loc] Local local channel - range 256 blocks around you eng/cze
[help] Help help and solving issues
[trade] Trade for trading offers

This list is also viewable in-game by command /ch list. First and default channel is English, but you will be also in Czech hannel. If you don't want read czech conversation, you can use command /ch leave cze. If you want to know who else is subscribed to the channel - command /ch who will write down all players subscribed.


/join [channel]
connects you to the specific channel... it will only connect you so you will read what other players say in that channel but you won't be active in it... to be active and write in that channel you have to use command bellow...

/ch [channel]
makes the specific channel active so everything you'll write will be distributed by this channel to other players... if you did not joined the channel previously it will make you join automatically

/ch who
lists up other players who are subscribed to your active channel

/ch leave [channel]
unsubscribe you from the channel...

/[channel] [text]
can make you quick-reply to a channel you are subscribed to but not active... just write the shortcut of the channel right after the "/" and then your message...
for example: /loc damn right dude ;)

/msg [player] [text]
will send private message to the designated player... the player has to be online of course

/r [text]
will send fast reply to last player which sent private message


Sometimes you may need to help with something or solve some kind of issue. In that case don't spam the public channels and join dedicated help channel by /ch help. You can also join this channel as voluntary helper if you feel as GateCraft guru and want to help others... and who knows you might someday be promoted to some executive group :) If you don't want to subscribe to this channel anymore, simply use command /leave help as it's mentioned above.

Also don't spam general channels with trade offers and for that join dedicated trading channel by /join trade.
in this channel you will find subscribed players who are interested in any forms of bussiness.

If you need an overview about which channels are you on use /ch list which will show you all channels and mark with asterisk those you are currently subscribed to.