IRC client

Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is a protocol for real-time text messaging with players in game.

If you want to remain in touch with other players even you are not or cannot be in-game there is an IRC solution for you :) All in-game chat channels are also synchronized with their IRC mirror channels which you can reach by various IRC clients. IRC brings many advantages such as unlimited letter count or using hotlinks...

If you wanna join use following login :

  • server:
  • port: 6667
  • password: G4t3cr4ft

Use the very same nick you have in-game !

  • command: /nick [name]

You can join all the channels you joined in-game.

  • commands:
    /join #gatecraft - shows ingame events like login and logout of players
    /join #czech
    /join #english

    /join #help
    /join #trade

If you're not in-game and you want to know who is use following command:

  • .players

IMPORTANT: Don't use diacritics or special characters because in-game chat doesn't support those.

Useful links: