Shops are used obviously for exchanging materials and items for money and vice versa. There are 2 kinds of shops :

  • Prime Shop - shop with infinite amount of money and/or material

    These shops are only in few selected locations (usually marked on dynamic map). Shops are categorized by what are they buying/selling. Some shops can only sell, some only buy. What to trade there is always labeled by active sign (without chest).

  • Shop created by player - shop with limited stock or money depending on available assets

    These shops are created by players in their hometowns. They can choose if they want to only sell or only buy or both and they determine their own prices. Shop consists of active sign and chest with trading assets.


How does it work

So basically, shops are composed of active sign in following format :

  • 1st row - name of the shop owner
    - in case there's a Prime Shop in first row, shop is owned by server
  • 2nd row - amount of assets to buy/sell with one click
  • 3rd row - price TO BUY : TO SELL
    - you are buying with left click and selling with right click ( if possible )
    - if there is hyphen instead of price it means that the exact action can't be executed
    - if there is FREE instead of price it means... if you don't know what that means that you don't want to play here
  • 4th row - name of the trading assets... item ID can be used as well
    - here is useful list of items IDs



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