The center of Prime City may be full of server-controlled shops, but players have their place as well. In the first place it is a great tent market beyond the city gate. And the richer ones can rent real shops in the new shopping district.




Both market and the shopping district are controlled by our new plugin GateZone. It offers exact space and  interaction permissions definition. In this case the zones represent tents in the market and houses in the shopping district.


How to rent?

First you need to choose a free object (tent or building). Use /gz to display basic info about the zone, that counts the owner as well. If noone owns the object you are free to rent the thing. It may show short info or manuals as well. In case of rentable objects it shows the price, the duration and the expiration time of the rental.

You may rent a plot with /gz buy. Tents and buildings are being rented for 30 days, you may extend this period by buying it more than once. However, the maximum is 90 days. If you want to keep the place for longer you have to wait until the expiration time is under 60 days and you may buy yourself another "month".

Important: you cannot own more than 1 shop or 1 tent. However, it is possible to own both - that means 1 shop and 1 tent per player.


Tents vs. shops

There are 2 types of stalls in the market - big and small. Shops offer much bigger variety - they are unique.

  • Big tents - Right in front of the gate. Not only first-sight, but also bigger = more place for your goods
  • - number of chests: 14
  • - price: 1000 crowns
  • Small tents - They are on the left low and the right height. They offer less chests, but are cheaper and somewhat pricely favourable over the big tents.
  • - number of chests: 11
  • - price: 500 crowns
  • Shops - They are 9 unique shops in the shopping district, varying not only by look and shape but also by the chest number. 1 chest costs 600 crowns and it basically sets shop's price. Some shops are cheaper than others given to the worse placing of some chests etc. Even though the shopping district is more chaotic compared to the market and finding goods is harder, the prices for the shops are much higher. Paradoxes.



Players are not limited. They may have their own shops in their cities. Prime City is just trying to unite them to one place.

Some info about creating a ChestShop may be had here.



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