All about towns, how to became a member of a town, or how to create a new town.


Towns are bought areas owned by one or more players. This area defines their territory which provides some advantages for it's town residents.

Towns are basically designated for keeping players together and prevets random constructing around the world. This allows town members to maintain and organized society with use of internal messages and hierarchy. Also towns serves as safe-zones because in the territory of the town only one allowed to build/destroy/mine are it's residents. Another perk is a possible teleportation between these towns which can be very useful for merchants :)

Nicely build and organized town is practically on of the goals of the game. Not just because it will make you feel good but even make you some prestige and fame amongst other players.

Towns can be build only in the Kingdom world which is designated mainly for constructing towns. Besides towns there is one other type of area : the wild - meaning the unhabitated lands. In the wild it's possible to modify the land or build from basic materials but it serves only for slight modifications around your town. Beyond borders of your town is only allowed to establish a smaller garden (big fields are prohibited) or you can go woodcutting (but don't forget to cut whole trees and then plant new ones). But every type of mining and harvesting outside the town is prohibited in whole Kingdom and rare materials can't be mined in the wild.


How to became a member of a town

There are two possible ways...

  • The easier one would be joining an already existing town which was established by players before. Already running town are always looking for new members since more members brings advantages in form of bigger area to claim and also possibility of raising the wealth of town.
  • The second way is to make money to establish a new town. But founding of a new town is kinda expensive so you would have to bunk in Kingdom's Hostel for some time. Saving money in order to create a new town is best for groups of friends or players you met in Rogue Lands so you can gather all your money. Lonely wolf would have this much harder and should prefer the first way.


How to create a new town

Location: Choose any location you want but possibly distant from other towns and especially from capital town which is constantly growing. To find the most suitable place it's recommended to use dynamic map where you can see all already created towns (by using filters located in upper left corner by checking a box named Towny). Red borders shows territories claimed by towns.

Founding: When you have your place chosen and you are standing on a place which will be center of town afterwards open up chat window and write /town new [name]. Choose the name carefully. You can make your own original name but try to avoid stupid names because there's a chance you might be asked to rename it. Or you can take name from some other game... for example one of the first towns ever established on the server were Wyzima (Witcher), Harmondale (Might an Magic) and Tristram (Diablo).

Adding players, assigning assistents: When you have your town founded and you want to live there with your friends you can now invite them to be residents of your town by command /town add [player] (possible to write multiple nicknames divided by gaps).
You as a founder of the town are automatically also a mayor and thus you have more privileges than common residents. If you don't want them to be depending only on your online status you can assign one or more assistents who will has same privileges as you and therefore can maintain the town in case of your absence. You can choose your assistents by command /town assistant add [nick] (again with adding multiple nicknames possible).

Claiming area: Now it's time expand your town area - by buying parcels. To buy a parcel you need to have some money in town bank first. Players can deposit their money in town bank by command /town deposit [amount].
Before claiming the areas it's helpful to turn on textmap by command /resident set mode map (turn off by /resident set mode reset ) which shows parcels around the town. One parcel means 16x16 of blocks. When you step on unclaimed parcel you can claim it for your town by command /town claim which is charged also from town bank.  This command is available only for Mayors and Town Assistants.
For every citizen residing in your town you can claim 13 parcels. If that's not enough you can buy extra 50 bonus parcels but they are much more expensive so it may be better to invite more people to your town or join an existing one.