NPC and Quests

NPC and Quests

NPC (non-player character)

NPC are non-playable characters looking same as common players. They can wear equipment, wander around world or communicate and/or react to player's actions. How the name tells they're not players but characters controlled by server and green name of their nicknames differs them from players.

NPC characters can dispose of following extensional features.



Quester is NPC that can grant various quests to players. Those can be usual gather quests, killing quests, fetch quests or any else like placing a particular block on particular place or reaching a particular place in the world. Or they can be combined to a bigger more complex quest which is of course awarded more generously or some quest can be continuous and therefore be completed many times or even unlimited times.

You can browse quester's quests by left-click. Just walk near the NPC and after left-clik this - [Quest, offer] should appear in text window... and that's the quest offer. If NPC has more quests to offer simply click more time and with every next click another quest will appear. If you want to accept a quest you can do it by right-click. At that very moment you should see [Quest, accepted] with proper description of the quest. For better orientation the text will be gray and important keywords will be highlighted by white. In case you complete an accepted quest a message [Quest, objective completed] will be displayed with following information telling you how to continue. If it is a bigger quests with more objectives it will instantly point you in direction of new quest. If you are done with all objectives you can go back to original quester and right-click to see final message [Quest, completed] and also the promised award.


Useful commands:

/quest status
Shows information about active quest. 

/quest completed (page)
Shows list of already completed assigments.

/quest abort
Abort active quest.