Player vs Player - Warzone

Player vs Player - Warzone


In Gatecraft you have option to challenge other players in PvP fight whenever you want in condition that both sides agrees. But dying in PvP fight in normal world makes you loose all your experience and drop all your whole inventory.
That's why there is a whole world dedicated to PvP battles.
The world Skyland warzones contains specialised PvP arenas for this matter. You can access this world trough gate in Prime City in residential spawn ( /spawn ).

List of all accessible arenas, including useful information can be found here.

For teleport to lobby of the arena enter command /warzone [name-of-the-arena], which will port you in front of gates used for choosing a team. After entering this gate you are automatically assigned to the chosen team color. The team color is shown as colored head-cubes equipped as helmet.

When the teams are full ( there's a minimum of players - depending on arena - that has to be filled in order to start the battle ) the battle can begin. Every player starts on the team homeblock ( spawn ) and also respawns there after being killed. Some arenas even let you to choose your class. Default class is usually knight with sword and armor and often there is also an archer class with bow, arrows and leather armor.
To choose the class you want, press shift on the homeblock after your spawn. What classes are available for particular arena you can find out in arena description.

The battle uses ticket system. Every team has same amount of tickets and where certain player dies, his team loose a ticket and player is respawned. First team that looses all tickets loose the game.
After the game ends players are teleported back to lobby with their original inventory and experiences.All battles are fully automatized and to you don't need admin to start the match all you need is the needed amount of players.


Useful commands

/warzone [name-of-the-arena]
Teleports player to lobby of chosen arena.

/war leave
Makes player leave arena back to lobby.