List of all groups / ranks.


There are several groups which can be perceived as "ranks". Every new rank you gain can bring some more options, opportunities and sometimes even make new locations accessible. Altough, to gain highest rank possible is not a goal of the game. But it's important to gain some to be full-fledged player and member of GateCraft residents community. Higher ranks are designated for players which will be besides playing also taking care of the server... to solve gameplay issues, prevent and deal with crimes and rule-breaking and last but not least prepare events and happenings ;)



Lowest possible rank and default rank for every new player. Every new player on server is automatically spawned in Rogue's Village wich is the main village in Rogue Lands. This group has almost none privileges and it's meaning is to make players to read the rules because that's how are they going to find out how to became a Rogue and enter the second phase of the game.


Basic group with limited options. Every member of this group has the same goal : make his way trough the gate portal into the Kingdom. Which is not so simple since this travelling trough this portal is charged. So if Rogues wants to start better life at Kingdom they need to make some money first. If you are member of this group it's recommended to read First Steps.


The most usual group with all privileges needed to live in the world of GateCraft. Residents are basically the citizens of the Kingdom so practically everyone who manages to leave Rogue Lands and travel to Kingdom trough the gate. As soon as you became Resident you can fully experience everything what the game has to offer. You can travelling trough other portals to the other worlds, you can join and start living in a town or you can establish your own one. You can participate in various events, complete quests and simply enjoy everything that is GateCraft.


Basic executive group. Members in this group has privileges designated for finding and punishing crimes. In this group can be only players who were promoted by players from parental groups eg. by Agents or Achitects. Sheriff can be only an active player who shows needed skill, intelect and concern for sustaining peace and order on the server. Becoming a Sheriff yields more duties than advantages and Sheriffs are practically still on the level of elementary player.


Major executive group. Where sherrif can't reach there agent will breach. Agent is specialized unit with privileges much above all other groups. Agents can not only find and punish griefers but solve even much bigger and deeper issues. They can also organize events or even transform whole worlds. If you are thinking that Agent is very much like admin - then you are absolutely correct ;)


The highest supremacy. The maker. Where agent can't help then there is architect the last hope. Privileges of architect are practically unlimited. He has access everywhere, most importantly behind the curtain where are all the gear mechanisms which must work like clockwork.