no-law zone, PvP, city outposts.



This world is quite similar to Kingdom, but with one major deffirence - there are no laws. If you are still a fresh resident with little expierence or just a non-conflict player, it is strongly recommended to stay away from this world as you can be easily killed and robbed since there are no authorities for your protection or any ensuing investigation that might return your stuff to you. In other words, enter at your own risk, justice is not ensured. What happens in Chaospehre, stays in chaosphere.

The same way you can found a city in Kingdom, the same way you can found a city outpost in Chaosphere. The city outpost is basically a part of the main city, but located in different world and with a bit different rules. Apart from Kingdom, whre you can't use doors, buttons, levers and open chests, here in Chaospehre you can. So thiefs are able to get in your outpost and steal from your chests the very same way as you are able and allowed to use traps or any other kind of repel system to prevent them in doing so. And in addition you can't deny spawning mobs inside your outpost.


Beneftis and drawbacks 

  • jungle biome is part of this world
  • adrenalin-doped world for PvP players
  • who doesn't like all the "law & such" stuff
  • mining is allowed only in your outpost
  • killing, stealing and traps are nonpunishable