Creative Garden

A relaxed place in Creative mode separated from Survival.

Creative Garden



A resting place for players, who want to relax from the tough enviorment of the survival worlds, and beat their creativity out without any barriers.

Everything is separated here - inventory, levels, hunger meter - all needed in order to preserve the survival element elsewhere. No mobs spawn here, PvP is turned off, and what more - it doesn`t snow nor rain.

Players can build on their own here, without being bound to the cities they live in.



96x96 parcels are prepared here. Parcel`s height is not limited.

Plot selling is done through our plugin GateZone. The plots are already set. The cost of one plot is 50.000 crowns. Parcels are not just being rented, but sold, 50.000 crowns and it`s yours forever.

Plot information may be obtained through /gzone, /gz for short.

Parcels are bought with /gzone buy, or /gz buy.


Building rules and respect

This world is meant for builders who want to present themselves with creating something beautiful, uncommon, interesting... Briefly something catchy.

Plots may be also used for planning buildings before starting to build them "officially" in the Kingdom. For example, if anyone needs measuring the house in order to see how the walls will fit together etc., this is the right place. Until now most of the players have been doing this in singleplayer.

All pornographic, vulgar or anyhow else abusive projects are strictly prohibited. Ugly and weird accumulations of random blocks and such things may get into the column with not-written laws as well. Builds created in order to throw shadow over other players` plots are prohibited as well. That means no extreme high buildings, it does no good on the dynamic map.


Pros & Cons

  • creative mode
  • no weather
  • visible on the dynamic map
  • plot price